There's nothing straightforward about social change, especially in complex environments

Development practitioners and donors recognize that social change programming requires new ways of working - ones that embrace learning and adaptation. Today's adaptive programs need a light, user-friendly knowledge management system that is designed for complexity, flexibility, and contextual analysis.

Horizon is a fully customizable cloud-based tool that is specifically designed to support learning and adaptive decision-making by enabling users to collect, store, manage and analyze qualitative and quantitative data throughout a project cycle. Horizon helps you identify risks and windows of opportunity as they emerge, and use evidence to adjust strategies for achieving outcomes. Go beyond the typical "success story" and analyze mixed-method data to paint a comprehensive picture of your project's contribution to social change.

Horizon allows users to keep all project-related information in one place where it is easily accessible for review, reflection, and revision

Lay out your strategic vision, mission, key partners and desired outcomes or theory of change - as well as important project details and documents.

Easily enter information and upload supporting documentation to increase your project's chances for achievement of outcomes.

Access and analyze monitoring data easily to generate learning, risk assessments, and reports


We take collaboration seriously and look forward to taking this journey together with you. Contact us for more information or to request a demo of Horizon.